Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Mini Truckin'

For years you guys have followed Wade and his band adventures. Now it's Scott's turn. Scott is really into mini truckin'. Below you will find many types of vehicles, trucks, cars, big trucks, bigger trucks, motorcycles. Even a wagon. These people are very family oriented and come together as a community in times of need. These people are very proud of the way their vehicles look , sound and run. I did not post any pictures of engines or sound systems just awesome paint jobs. I will narrate some other pictures further down the blogs. Enjoy!

The photo below is a frame that someone is going to build into a low rider .

Not only are there low riding cars and trucks but scooters, too. This is a stretched scooter.

The back of Scott's truck. He is petitioning to be a FREAK.

Below are photos of some of the club logos that go to these events.

They even made a low rider wagon.


Granny Annie said...

Is this the place to comment on the trucks? It was very hard to find. Those are some great looking vehicles. Especially love the VW Bus and the low-rider wagon!

PEA said...

Wow, that is some painting on those vehicles! You can tell that they're all very well taken care of and the pride of ownership is obvious. I enjoy going to events like that once in a while, it's so much fun watching them have fun doing what they do best:-)

I've never had it happen to my posts what happened with this one (the huge spaces in between) so no idea what would cause it. Do you know anything about HMTL? When I'm composing my post, I often click on the HMTL tab to check if everything is as it should be. xoxo