Tuesday, December 20, 2011


On Saturday, Dec. 17, Santa and Mrs. Claus helped the Winter Haven Police Department deliver toys to some very needy families. We delivered to 7 families.

The family in the above photo are in a very hard situation. Dad lost his job 2 /12 years ago. Mom works at 7-11. She was able to get Dad a job part time at 7-11. Well then 7-11 cut her hours and now her house in in forclosure and the bank is not willing to work with them. They will be moving after the first of the year. So sad.
One of the children we delivered to...in awe of Santa.

A group shot at the first house we delivered to. Top right hand side is DARE Officer Terry Bowden. He has been doing Project Reach Out since 1995. Officer Bowden gets names from the local schools for the families we deliver to every year. He then puts the children's names and the gifts they want on a wreath in the Police Station and the police officer's and their families purchase the gifts for the families. Project Reachout also supplies food for a Christmas meal for each family. Walmart also in the past 3 years has donated money towards the cause. This is one of our absolutely favorite events to do every year. And we will continue to do it for as long as we are able. Thank you WHPD for allowing us to take all the glory for your hard work.

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Missy's Blog said...

Bonnie, I know this is one of your favorite events of the year. You and Uncle Santa are simply amazing for being part of this. I love you both.