Friday, January 20, 2012

Triple By-Pass Surgery

Right now the Lord literally has my husband's heart in His hand. My husband will be going in for a triple by-pass surgery on Monday morning. He has severe blockage in 3 of his main arteries.

I am only posting this because it helps to to deal with the anxiety I am feeling right now. We have both spoken to the surgeon and he has made us feel at ease about the procedure. Plus we have talked to numerous other people who have told us Dr. Dodd is one of the best heart surgeon's in the Southeast.

However, I am still feeling very anxious and nervous. Everyone tells me that's normal and I suppose it is. But I'm also trying to be strong for my husband, who is trying to be strong for me. And I can see in his face that he is just as nervous as I am. But the Lord got us through his stroke in August and He will bring us through this. I do have faith.

And my friends, both local and computer, long-distance friends have truly been a blessing to me through all my issues. I truly could not get through these hardships without your heartfelt prayers and words of wisdom. I do get alot of strength and encouragement from each and everyone of you and I love you all.

Thank you all for sticking by me and letting me vent, rant and rave, cry, giggle, laugh. I always try to return the favor but am not as good at words and such as most of you, so I tend to stick to the background. But I do want you all to know that I do pray for you, feel your pain and anxiety also, even though I may not leave a message or send you an email. I am with you, regardless.

Most of you follow me on Facebook, so I will try to update when I can on Hut's progress. If I am unable I will get one of my kids to post a comment on my page. I beleive most of you are friends with at least one of my kids, too, lol.

This blog did not go in the direction I was thinking when I first started it, but it went the way I believe it was supposed to. I wanted to let you all know a little about what would entail with the surgery, but instead I was meant to tell you how much I love you guys. I thank God everyday for each and everyone of you.


Missy Made It! said...

We are with you and Jerome, Bonnie. You both are the strongest people I know and will get through this. I can only imagine how you are feeling today. We are wrapping our arms around you both in love today. We LOVE you!!

PEA said...

Through your Facebook, I know that Hut's surgery went well so now my prayers are with him for a full recovery. I wish I could have been with you when you were waiting while he was having his surgery, I can well imagine how scared and anxious you were. You are both in my thoughts and prayers dear Bonnie. xoxo