Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Craft Shows

Years ago my SIL Missy and I used to do "tons" of craft shows. We had some much fun crafting together all the time. Then life changed. Missy moved to VA and there was no one to craft with anymore. So I stopped crafting and doing shows. A couple of years ago, the bug bit me again and I made a few crafts and got back into one of the better shows Missy and I used to do. My DIL Diana helped me work the booth the last couple of years and she had a blast doing it.

Now Diana has learned how to sew and the craft bug has bit her, lol. So I have started looking for craft shows to do. Most of them are in the fall and around Christmas, but I found 2 that are this spring. And Diana is going crazy trying to get things made for them.

This one listed above is a brand spanking new event and a great event it is. I am so excited to be doing this one. It is a chicken wing contest that goes on for 2 days. This event benefits Bryce's Buddies. Bryce's Buddies was started by a local firefighter and his wife when their son Bryce was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes. While learning all they could about the disease and taking Bryce to doctors appointments and getting his meds, they learned alot of parents couldn't afford the visits or the meds, so they weren't getting their children the help they needed to live with this disease. Shannon and Brandy (Bryce's parents) told these other parents to get whatever help they needed for their children and not to worry about the cost, that they would cover the bills. And that's when Bryce's Buddies was born. This is a cause close to my heart as I am a Type 2 diabetic and my sister has Type 1 or Juvenile Diabetes. The people with Type 1 or Juvenile diabetes are insulin dependant. I am very excited about doing this event because the food proceeds are a 20/80 split with vendors getting 80% of the proceeds and 20% going to the cause. Craft vendors are a 90/10 split with 10% going to the cause. And I think I may have a giveaway to make extra $$ for the cause and possible just put up a donation jar also. I am hoping this event goes really well and that this will be the first year of many more to come. If you happen to be local and are reading this blog, please come out and show your support AND invite all your friends.This event is a small craft show that I was lucky enough to have seen posted on a friends FB page. It's a new area for me and I'm hoping it works out well. It's only a 4 hour show and it only has about 45 vendors. But they had to approve our items in order for us to be there and Diana and I were approved. I'm excited about this event too and if you are in the Orlando/Maitland area on May 6 please stop in and say hello.

There are at least 3 more shows I want to do, but they are all in the fall and around Christmas. So we will have a big break between to catch up and get tons of stuff made. I am, however, taking some Halloween and Christmas items to these other events because you all know it's never to early for the holidays.

I am so excited about doing these events. I will keep you posted on how well we do and especially how well Bryce's Buddies chicken wing event goes. I forgot to mention that it's taking place at our airport and they have reserved 150 spots for airplanes to fly in for the event.

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PEA said...

I so wish I lived nearby, I would certainly go to support all of those craft shows, especially the Bryce's Buddies one. I've always enjoyed going to craft shows, especially if some of the proceeds go towards a cause:-) I wish you and Diana the very best of luck with the ones you're taking part in. xoxo