Friday, February 24, 2012

New Rage

Isnt' this beautiful? My friend Donna's daughter Drew is getting married soon and this is the type of bouquet she is going to carry. It's called a Brooch Bouquet. Seems to be the latest rage with brides. Drew's colors are purple and silver so we are on the hunt for those colors in old brooches and other types of old jewelry. In researching these I found that some people actually mix artificial flowers in with the brooches. And so easy to make. Just hot glue jewelry to a styrofoam ball attached to the bouquet base. I think these would be pretty just sittin in a vase. What do you think?


PEA said...

Oh wow, it's the first I hear of these types of bouquets for brides...what a great idea! A wonderful way to display vintage brooches as well. I have a few that belonged to my gran (she left me all her jewellery) but not enough to cover a styrofoam ball...I'll have to go look in the thrift shop to see what they have in brooches! hehe xoxo

Cliff said...

If the bride were blind and had a seeing eye dog, she could have two. One for her and one for the dog. A pooch brooch bouquet.
never mind.

Bonnie said...

that's a good one Cliff....I will be using that, lol.