Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Mother Nature at the Farm

You know how I am with pictures taken when I'm at work. Not too much had been going on lately so I haven't really had any to post. These two pictures are Orange Trees. Not all orange trees have blossoms and oranges at the same time. I think these are Navels. I just love that every year you have oranges and blossoms on the tree together. They are so beautiful!And we had a surprise visitor out by one of the sidewalks the other day. He was about 4 feet long from nose to tail end.And he was gracious enough to pose for the pictures. We left him alone and I'm sure he wandered back to the pond after he was done sunning himself.


Granny Annie said...

Do those orange trees smell as wonderful as I would imagine?

Ewwwwww, what kind of damage could that little critter do if he wanted to get ornery?

Bonnie said...

Annie, yes those orange blossoms smell wonderful. There is nothing in the world that smells better than orange blossoms.