Monday, March 26, 2012

Old Town....Again!

We have always loved going to Old Town in Kissimmee. My kids and I have been going for almost 28 years. They used to have a 1950's style night club there that I worked at for awhile and they have been "cruising" classic cars the whole time. So when Wade bought his 1969 4 door Chevelle, of course we're going "cruising". And we do it ALOT!

But the cruise is always in the evenings. Starts at 8:15 every Saturday night. So to kill some time the last time we went, we decided to go to Downtown Disney because it's only 10 minutes away. And we always park on the West Side because 1. You can always find a parking space close and 2. You can ride the boat to the Downtown Disney side. And that in itself is a fun time. And then you have Rossi Jean entertaining you with her many faces.

In this shot you can see Layla and Wade behind Diana and Rossi. This is a really nice ride across the lake and it's free!

After our visit at Downtown Disney we were driving to Old Town. I saw this sticker on the back of a truck and thought it was really funny. You would have had to have been a fan of the Dukes of Hazzard to understand. This car was on display at Old Town and was a hit with everyone.And here's why. This sign shows what parts the car is made from. This is a true Heinz 57 of cars.This is a shot of the front of Wade's Chevelle.And a side shot of the car. We love this car and have such a good time cruising in it.Here's Rossi Jean. She was a little tired, but she always makes sure she is rested enough to wave at people while she cruises.And darn Wade! Had to snap this picture. I had worked an overnight shift the night before the cruise and hadn't been to bed. I was sooooo tired. Not a very flattering picture, lol.

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Granny Annie said...

Love the sweet pics of Rossi and Layla. Oh they are so precious. That last picture of you and Hut is great too. You have such great fun with your family.