Thursday, June 28, 2012

Circle B Bar with Family

It's been almost a month since these pictures were taken.  My sister in law, Missy and her husband Mike and son Griffin had come to Florida for a visit.  They do this twice a year.  Missy wanted to go to the Circle B Bar while they were down since she had seen pictures and I talk about it alot. 
 Here is Griffin in the front, Mike, Missy and Hut bringing up the rear.  They had just been inside the building they have there with the treehouse inside for the kids.  I NEVER remember to get pics while the kids are in there, lol.
 We went for a walk to the dock on the lake.  On the walk down we saw this female turkey (hen).  We stopped and stood there while she crossed the path.  This was the first time I had seen one out there.  And she was the only one, which is unusual.  There are usually a group of them together.
 And of course, gators.  The water was real choppy the day we were there so it was hard to get any good pictures.  And the dock was as far a we went.  No one wanted to walk all the way down Alligator Alley.  Which was fine with me, lol.
 You can just barely see the gator behind the weeds in this shot.
 Family picture of Griffin, Missy and Mike on the dock.
 I was actually able to get one close up of a gator head in the water.
This little guy was right near the land hiding in some trees.  We saw him as we were walking back to the picnic area.
 Hard to see, but this is a shot of two butterflies together.  Wish I could have gotten a better shot, but this was pretty cool anyways.

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