Thursday, June 21, 2012

Here Kitty Kitty

Yesterday as I was walking the dogs in a monsoon, I thought I heard a kitten meow.  So I called out and I heard another meow and this itty bitty kitty came walking out of a huge clump grass.  He was soaked, skinny and shaking.  Molly walked over to the clump of grass and was acting weird.  So I pulled back the grass(scared to death of snakes and spiders) and there was another itty bitty kitty.  This one was scared to death, hissing and spitting.  But he was also soaked, skinny and shaking.  So I picked up both and headed to the house, wondering what Hut was going to think.  I knew he wouldn't be upset, though, because I've been bringing home abandoned animals for 20 years, lol.  I put the kittens in a box and told Hut I was going to go back and check by the clump of grass to see if I could find anymore kittens.  These were the only two.  I usually don't walk the dogs in the rain, because they don't like to get wet, but they had been in the house ALL day and need to go out.  I think God put that into my head so I could save the kitties.  Last night I thought I had a male and female, but upon further investigation, I now believe I have two males.  One is solid black and the other is black and white.  As you can see in the pictures, they are happy now that they've had a bath, some food and a little bit of milk.  Oh and they are dry.  I have put them in my craft room for now until Molly gets used to them.  They haven't been abandoned long as they are still very friendly, not skittish at all.  Which is another reason I think someone dumped them.  Feral cats and kittens will scratch and bite and run from you, no matter what.  Not these guys, lol.  And I'm an animal lover, just not a big fan of cats (even though I've had my share).  And I wasn't planning on keeping them but I have a feeling that is what is going to happen, lol.  So now I need names.  Any suggestions????

Footnote:  I found a 3rd kitty on Thursday night, in the rain again.  She was definitely related to these two.  I did not get her in time.  While she ate well and had some milk and she was in a warm home and dry, I could not warm her up enough.  She passed away last night, just a few short hours after I had found her.  I held her for two hours trying to warm her up with my body heat.  I'm glad I had her for a few short hours.  I did not get a picture of her.  At least she knew she was loved before she left this world.  Her two brothers are doing just fine.

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