Monday, December 8, 2008

Where's Bonnie?

Some of you have sent emails and called me, concerned because I haven't blogged in awhile. Thanks for all of your concerns. I have been under the weather, can't seem to shake whatever this is that I have. Whatever it is can't seem to make up it's mind whether to make me sick or not. Friday I felt like an elephant was sitting on my head. I missed work that day and had to make it up yesterday (Sunday). Plus with Hut and I being Santa's helpers (wink,wink), that is keeping us really busy this year too. So needless to say, my blogs are more than likely going to sporadic, at best. I will try to do one every couple of days, but definitely once a week. Thanks again for all your concern, it's nice to know everyone cares.


Granny Annie said...

Oh what fun you must have as Santa's "wink wink" helpers!

I am glad you have reported in because you definitely have been missed and hope you are 100% soon.

You comment at JD's about boxing was great. I have always said if I was younger and trained for any sport it would be boxing. LOL

Missy's Blog said...

Awwww ... it's so nice to see Uncle Santa and Auntie Bon.

I'm glad you are feeling some better ... and YES, I was very worried about you.

Brenda said...

We have been wondering. April and I talked and said it wasn't like you at all. I think she was about to drive down and find you. Hope you feel better. I know what you mean though. Ever since I went to Florida I have been sick and it is still holding on.

Susie Q said...

Feel better soon sweet Bonnie. The *yuckies* have been going around everywhere it seems. I am fighting off the start of it and hope I can keep it from getting worse! Too much to do to feel bad.

It seems to hang on to those who have it...2 of my best buds here have been under the weather for 2 weeks. : (

I send hugs and wish there was more I could do!


Cecile said...

Feel better soon my sweet friend!!!
I guess we are all going to fall apart together::))
Hugs for ya!!

*Jilly* said...

I am not feeling my best today..I feel kind of crappy. I hope you get over your yuckies soon:)

P.S. I love the photo of Mr. & Mrs. Santa Claus *wink*

Andi said...

Hope this finds you feeling much better Mrs. Santa because I know this is your busy time of year. Thake good care of yourself and Santa. Love the picture!