Monday, April 12, 2010

Easter Sunday, Blossoms & Blooms

What a busy Easter Weekend! Saturday we babysat for my nephew. His 2 little ones are always a joy to watch. I don't know how he got so lucky to have such happy kids.

This is Skylee...she just turned 2. She is one of the happiest little girls I've ever known. She sure don't get it from her daddy's side of the family, lol.

Here's Tyler. He just turned one. He's almost as big as his sister already. Such a cutie. And happy! They are both waiting on "chicky and fries" from McDonald's.

Sunday we went to church to see the girls. Wade had to work. After Wade got off, they were heading to my ex's to spend Easter with him. We had lunch with the girls before we went our separate ways.
Here's Layla Sue pretending to be shy for the camera. You all know she is NOT the least bit shy.

My beautiful daughter in law Diana and precious Rossi Jean. I got to hold Rossi almost all the way through Church. She is such a good baby.
We had lunch at Sonny's on Easter Sunday. Thes guys and gals were in the parking lot as we were leaving. Hopefully no one had duck for Easter dinner.
As we were driving around the other day I saw this Azalea was all light pink flowers except for the one branch in the middle. It was hot pink!
Most of you know that the place I work is really beautiful and has lots of wild animals that I occasionally get pictures of. I worked a double last Thursday and decided to take some pictures of the flowers. These are pansies that they have planted. It's hard to tell but they are purple, yellow and white.
A close up of the purple ones with water drops on them.

A few months ago we had icicles hanging off the orange trees. Doesn't this tree look like it has snow on it? Believe it or not, the orange trees have fruit AND blossoms on them. It is so pretty and they smell so darn good. I love the way orange blossoms smell. Too bad Yankee Candles discontinued that scent. It was one of my favs.
I love this picture of the oranges hidden among the blossoms.
Another shot of the fruit with the blossoms. The pictures really don't do them justice.
Even though there is no fruit on this tree...I loved the blossoms on it. Today I parked by this tree and the blossoms are gone. I'm glad I took this picture.

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Missy's Blog said...

It's nice you get to see your family so often. I wish we lived closer so we could enjoy the holidays with ya'll and our other family in Florida.

Skylee looks alot like LD. Both she and Tyler are adorable. And of course your granddaughters are so cute!

Love the flower pictures. The ones of the orange trees with orange blossoms really makes me miss home. I miss that orange blossom smell ... there's just nothing like it.

Thanks for reminding me why I love Florida so much.