Sunday, April 11, 2010

Make new friends....but keep the old.....

One is silver and the other gold. I recently found 3 truly wonderful friends on FaceBook. I haven't seen one of them in almost 8 years, the other two in almost 30. Having them find me after all this time is unbelievable. I feel 18 again, lol. We all worked at Disney together in high school and for a little while after graduation. It seems like when we all got married we went our separate ways. We've missed out on so much with each other and yet now we are having a ball catching up...even planning a reunion! Boy the good times we used to have. This is Melody ( with her husband, Keith. We've kept in touch off and on through the years. She lives in Texas now but is making a trip to Orlando in May. Hope to see her while she is here.This is Patti(with her husband, Shawn). She is probably the craziest of the 3. Patti actually tried to teach me how to drive a stick shift back in the day...a 3 speed on the column, no less.Frank here was our "father" figure so to speak because he was "sooo much older than us", lol. I think Frank is only a couple years older than us. We spent alot of time at Frank's house. His parents would leave town and we would all hang there. He had a projection room for watching movies which is way cool now, but I think even more cool back then.

I am hoping to keep my "old" friends back in my life. Computers can be a wonderful thing sometimes and it sure was for me this time.

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