Monday, March 28, 2011

Getting ready for the Wedding

March 26, 2011. The Wedding day has finally arrived! Still more prep to be done before the actual ceremony. Time is of the essence.

Liz baked almost 200 cupcakes for the wedding. The morning of the wedding she calls me and asks me if I could ice them. Here are some of the finished ones.

And the heart shaped cake she baked needed to be iced. She just wanted it iced but I told her I would be putting a border on it.

And the cake with the topper on it. I want to mention that this topper was ordered 5 days before the wedding. The lady on eBay sent the topper without recieving her payment first because she wanted to the couple to have their topper. So thank you Nancy for making Scott and Liz's day special.

Wedding bells to ring when you want the couple to kiss. Oh how Scott hates those bells, lol. You will understand why when we get to the reception.

Liz just had her hair done for the wedding. She is going to help with some finishing touches.

Liz working on her cupcake Wedding Cake.

And the finished "cake". I love this idea.

The sign hanging at the alter.

Here's Matt. He's the best man. Don't you just love his faux hawk?

Scott's grandfather passed away at the end of January but they still wanted his presence at the wedding. So they set up a memorial table for him.

A framed picture of Liz and Scott. There were pens hanging next to it so you could leave your wishes for the couple on the black mat.

Liz took pictures from all the different years of her and Scott's life, printed them in black and white and then hung them on the wall behind their table.

Now the fun begins. G&S Hitman Music has arrived. The DJs. Simmie and his cousin Greg. They really rocked the house.

Mine and Hut's chair for the ceremony. Hut was very proud that his says "Father of the Groom"

An ice cream truck showed up while we were waiting on the bride.

Scott and his Momma....his last picture with me as a single man.

Scott's grandmother had arrived so all the boys were over talking to her.

Some of the family waiting for the bride. Grandma Tootsie is in the green shirt.

The bride has arrived. Liz is in the middle next to her maid of honor, Brittany. Liz's sister Faith is on the left.

Brittany, Liz and Faith.

The Beautiful Bride.

Diana and Rossi.

Miss Layla Sue all pretty in pink.

Grandma Tootsie playing with Layla & Rossi.

Diana, Brittany, Faith, Liz, Shannon and Mavy.

The girls all lined up to go in.....let the Wedding begin.


PEA said...

I love the idea of the cupcakes too and more & more brides choose to do that. Everything looked so beautiful and look at the bride....perfect:-) That was so lovely of that lady to send the cake topper before even getting paid for it on eBay. Warms the heart knowing there are still caring people out there!! xoxo

Missy's Blog said...

I love the cupcake "cake" ... such a fun idea and you did a great job icing them. Ever think about opening a cupcake bakery? The memory table for Scott's Grandpa was a very special touch. Love, Love, Love it all!!