Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Wedding

No matter what I do I can't seem to get this blog edited to the top of the page.

Let the Wedding begin.....

Liz's grandmother at the podium. She performed the ceremony. And the groom looking excited with his groomsmen. Oh and Rossi.

Here comes the bridal party. That is Diana leading the pack.

Here comes Flower Girl, Layla.

Here comes the Bride. Isn't she beautiful?

The exchanging of the vows.

Wade and Rossi during the ceremony. You can't tell she's sick. Poor baby had the croup and strep throat. Only no one knew.

Liz's little brother Jack was the ring bearer. Or as his shirt stated....Ring Security!

Repeating more vows.

Trying to untie the rings from the pillow. Oops someone forgot to do that once Jack got to the front, lol.

Scott putting Liz's ring on her finger.

Liz putting Scott's ring on his finger.

And THE KISS!!!!!

Welcome Mr. and Mrs. Scianimanico!

Picture time before the reception. Here's the bride with her maids. Diana and Layla on the left, then Brittany, Faith, Liz, Shannon, Mavy and Hope.

Layla, Daddy and Mommy. Rossi was with Grampy.

Jack...aka....RING SECURITY!

Roy, Scott and Matt. You can't tell Scott's proud of his new jewelry can you???

Diana goofing for the camera.

Scott and his he's a married man.

The bridal party minus a couple. Starting from left, Matt, Roy, Wade, Diana, Mavy, Shannon and Layla in the front.

Proud Mama Bear ( that's what Liz calls me), with the happy couple.

Momma with Wade.

Layla, Jack and Hope.

Layla with her momma's flowers.


Missy's Blog said...

Beautiful. Beautiful. BEAUTIFUL!!

PEA said...

Sniff! Sob! Don't mind me, I always cry at weddings! hehe Oh, Donna, what a delightful wedding it looks to have been and I just love the pink and black shirts that were chosen for the guys!! Everyone looked wonderful and yup, one could sure tell the groom was pretty happy to finally be married! lol Congratulations to them and may all their dreams come true. xoxo