Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Reception

Now for the fun.Grampy and Rossi enjoying sweet tea and appetizers.

The ringing of the bells begins.And more bell ringing.Scott trying to get to Liz so the bell ringing will stop.Liz at the couple's table waiting for the "bell" kiss.Appetizers are waiting for the "grub".Rossi visiting with her Aunt Liz.Layla helping Aunt Liz practice for the First Dance.Okay, where do I hold on?Aaahhh there we go....let the first dance begin.Enough of dancing with the it's Mavy's turn.Layla and Daddy dancing.Newlyweds goofing for the camera with their version of the Tango. Eat your hearts out Dancing with the Stars.Layla traded in Daddy for some Mommy dance time.Now Daddy's cutting the rug with Rossi and Liz is dancing with Hope.Scott and his grandmother dancing.Liz and Hope with Brittany and her husband shaking their groove things in the background.There's a whole lotta shakin' going on.Diana and Rossi sitting this one out.My handsome hunk waiting for someone to ask him to dance.Faith, Liz's Aunt Lisa, Liz and Brittany doing the Cuban Shuffle.Liz and Diana trying to teach Layla the Electric Slide.Okay enough dancing....time for some cake!And so married life begins, lol. It's a spatula...not going to do much harm.Cutting the cake.....with the spatula.I missed the cake/face smashing thanks to a camera malfuntion. This is the after affects.Wade getting some icing off of Scott's shirt. Wade then proceeded to smear it all over Liz's face.Rossi with Momma's flowers. I just love this picture of Rossi.Faith eating her cupcake.And Layla Sue "wearing" her cupcake.The brothers seem to be scheming.Finally....Hut and I getting ready to dance. Liz with her Grandmother, Susan, who performed the ceremony and her Great-Grandmother, who is 92 years old. Doesn't she look wonderful for 92? Now comes the real fun. Decorating the getaway vehicle. No one thought to buy one of the car decorating kits, so we went old school and decorated with anything we could get our hands on, including birthday wrapping paper for little girls.Beer cans, streamer decorations, and paper bells.They cut up a beer carrying case and taped it to the back windows. I'm so glad we found a second use for alot of the decorations.Remember the "kissing" bells. Well the girls brought out just about all of them and here you see Wade putting them in the hubcaps of the truck. We put bells everywhere in and out of the truck.Even on the windshield wipers. Yep that's me getting in on the action. I had told Wade the picture I had taken of him putting bells in the hubcaps was a blackmail photo. So I guess Diana decided to get even by taking this picture.Miss Rossi and her Momma.Here comes the groom out the door, getting ready to leave.

Here's Liz trying to make her escape.

Not sure what's going on here but it's a great shot of the brothers.

Liz, Rossi and Scott.

Liz and Scott getting ready to make the great escape.


Missy's Blog said...

Oh Bonnie ... what a fantastic reception!! Love the pink and black. Everything was just soooo pretty! Liz looked beautiful and Scotty very handsome. And everyone else looked great all dolled up. The little girl's dresses were adorable too!

Granny Annie said...

What is the deal with the bells? I never heard of that wedding tradition. The couple looks so very happy. I also love seeing Wade with his girls. He seems to be such a good daddy. Hut is looking good so I hope someone did ask him to dance:) You look marvelous..simply maww-velous!

PEA said...

I so enjoyed looking at all the pictures from the reception and it certainly looked like everyone was having a great time:-) I like the idea of the little bells instead of just hitting your spoon against a cup to get the bride and groom to kiss! hehe I'm wondering if they're still taking bells out of their truck! lol When I got married, my two older brothers had poured a bag of confetti down the car heater and then set it to full blast so that when we started the car...confetti everywhere. We kept finding some for a year after! lol Thank you so much for sharing these pictures with us, I just love weddings:-) xoxo