Wednesday, February 22, 2012

First Crush

A few people really liked my first kiss blog so I thought I'd you remember your first crush? My first crush was in the second grade, yes I started young, lol. His name was Donald and I just thought he was the cutest of cute. I followed him like a puppy dog all year. We moved in the 3rd grade to a new town, so I'm sure Donald was relieved, lol.

That first crush was only the beginning. I was what people would call "boy crazy" growing up, "falling in love" as often as the dates change. And my one and only crush on a celebrity was Donny Osmond. There was not an empty space in my bedroom for all the pictures. Couldn't even look in the mirror as it was covered with pictures too. And I would scan the TV Guide every week to see if Donny or the Osmonds were on any TV shows. Back then they were on the Andy Williams show quite often. Oh yeah, I had it bad for Donny.

So what do you remember of your first crush(es)?

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PEA said...

The first boy I had a crush on was Denis Laquerre...we were both 8 years old. Like you, I started young! LOL By the time we were 10 years old we were "boyfriend & girlfriend" and would hold hands...that's it! lol As for my first celebrity crush, it was Elvis, my bedroom walls were plastered with his pictures and I would play his records all the time. Also had a crush on David Cassidy and Bobby Sherman!! hehe xoxo