Thursday, February 23, 2012

Random Pics

As I was deleting photos from my work folder I ran across some I had never posted. So without further adieu I am posting them. I believe they are some pics from a couple of different trips to Old Town in Kissimmee, FL for their Saturday Night Car Cruise. I will try to narrate some of the pics.Rossi being "gansta" in Grampy's hat.
Proud Daddy! Playing with Daddy.Grampy pointing at Rossi's "pom poms" or as we all know them....pony tails.
Not sure what kind of truck this is, but Wade liked it and took this picture. I'm thinking it must have been raining or at least sprinkling.
This is what Wade's Chevelle should look like. He's been working on it alot lately. Wade's Chevelle is a 4 door. We just LOVE it! I believe this to be a Chevy II which later was renamed the Nova.And who doesn't know a Chevy Belair when you see one?This is a Karmann Ghia, made by Volkswagen. Their version of a sports car.These two pictures are of an original FIAT. Isn't it cute? We have a Fiat dealer in town and the new ones are not this small. Last but not least is this picture of the girls. Sorry Diana's head got chopped but Wade was the photographer, lol. We had just played the water gun game and won a blue dog for Rossi. We played again and got one for Layla, too, who also wanted a blue dog. We always stop and play this game because we are usually the only ones playing and that way we ALWAYS win something for the girls.

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PEA said...

Such darling pictures of the girls, they're adorable. I love going to car shows as well, they just don't make cars like they used to!! I want that red FIAT, how cute is that? lol xoxo